・ "Unique Olive Tree Butterfly"・Premium Wood Wall Art- Limited Edition

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Quantity: 1 piece
Color: Black

This piece is unique and made to order.
Crafted by artdesigna designers
size: between 20"x20" - 24"x24"
this wonderful rustic wooden wall decor is made of olive trees
100% handmade and no harmful paint or material is used.
**each creation is unique because of handwork and may vary from the original photo.
As nature itself creates true works of art, our job is to move this natural piece of art into residential and commercial space.
After having placed your order, we will provide you the olive tree slices we have available by e-mail and we will prepare your wooden wall sculpture from the tree you choose since each tree has a unique pattern.
Please note that the product images on our website display examples.
Due to the different and natural structure of the tree, there may be minor changes in dimensions.
Our items are produced from olive trees from the aegean sea coasts that are hard-to-find products more than a hundred years old and are used since they do not bear fruit anymore.
In accordance with our environmental management company policy, we produce sustainably
each piece has a mounting kit attached to the backside. It is very easy to mount.
Please allow us 2-5 days for shipping.

    Craftsmanship at its finest

    Introduce some nature to your home or office with our amazing, hand-made and unique wood art sculptures. Our designers make sure every block is made to perfection, from the woodcutting to the painting process and every other detail.

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