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What is ArtDesigna

Thanks to the internet, every artist can get their art posted and acknowledged by the masses. ArtDesigna came into existence when a group of artists realized that a new form of art that's more sleek and vivid needs to replace its older version. That's why we adopt a unique approach of bringing you glass printing wall art that you will cherish without having to worry about wear and tear. 



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Crafted by Irokraft
Connect better with your surroundings with our glass printed arts.

Art that RINGS A BELL!

“We are the true non-conformists, the artists, the squared pegs trying to fit in the round holes! At ArtDesigna, you will get to at designs that will blow your mind. Our artist creates glass printing portraits that give you the goosebumps every time you look at one!”

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This new "Noir" collection is set to take you by storm. Scroll through the latest art and keep your space always up to date!

Our Art, Sets You Apart!

We are all being non-conformists. Our artists set their thoughts and creativity on the lose to bring you the best possible portraits that allow you to make your mark. Decorate your office or home with our glass printed designs and set yourself apart!


Charme of Red

Let’s Preserve the Environment

Help Us in Our Mission

Old school methods of creating art had their toll on the environment. It makes people cut down trees that reduces the amount of oxygen produced each day. At ArtDesigna, we're helping the world transition into a more reliable and sustainable form of art, that requires no wood or trees to be harmed.