What is the status of my order?

Please check your inbox for emails from the shipping company to receive updates about your order.

My order arrived incomplete wheres the rest of it?

We package our products individually and the delivery company then sends the order out separately rather than packaging the entire order together. So if youve ordered multiple items, they may arrive one by one.

You can check the shipping code you received via email from the delivery company to know when to expect the rest of your order. And of course, you can always contact us for support.

What is that reflection located in the corner of all the prints?

The reflection in the corners is used to provide a glass effect for the product photos only. The real products do not contain any reflections.

What is the expected shipping time for my order?

First off, your order is guaranteed by both us and the logistics companies we partner with.
-glass wall art: we need 1-3 days to create your order + 2-5 days for shipment.
-metal wall art: we need 1-3 days to create your order + 2-5 days for shipment.
-wooden wall art: our wooden wall art pieces are entirely handmade, resulting in a slightly longer processing time. We need 5-10 days to create your order and another 3-5 days for shipment.

Can i hang a product vertically rather than horizontally or vice versa?

You will receive your printings exactly what we advertise on every product page. However, we can change the position of the hanging mechanism to apply your request. By doing so, you will hang your product in whichever way you are willing to hang it. Please contact us with your request.

What are the minimum quality requirements for a custom image?

For the best results, please upload a large, high-quality image with a minimum of 2400 h x1600 w pixels.

If your image file doesn't meet the requirements, please write to us at support@artdesigna. Com.

Can i hang my glass wall art or metal wall art outside?

- for glass wall art
yes, you can! Our products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We use the finest quality uv paints, protecting your art against fading from the sun or any other light source.

- for metal wall art
absolutely! Our products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

What kind of materials are used to make the glass wall art?

We source our 4mm tempered glass from europes largest glass producer, backed by 100 years of experience.
Additionally, our inks come from one of the finest ink brands in the uk.
And to print the pieces, we use a durst machine from germany, which is known as the highest quality uv printing machine on the market.
We print directly on the glass itself. Because we dont use foil paper or any other materials, which are produced using easier and cheaper techniques, our glass printing wall art has a much longer lifespan.

Do all the necessities i need to hang the frame come with the image i purchased?

The answer is both yes and no.
We send all hanging kits with the order. However, the only thing that we are just not able to supply is screws and anchors because they have different types for different wall types. As we don't know your wall type, we can not provide them. But i can give you this information: our holes on the metal brackets are 5mm (0.19"), you should use a screw that has a head bigger than 5mm (0.19"). The drill bit size will be changed by your anchor's size. We can not say an exact measure for this because all anchors have their own type and size. It depends on your wall type, again.

How do i hang my glass wall art?

We have a  video demonstrating how to hang our products. You can view our instructional video on hanging by following this link
: Hanging video