Smoked Black Wall Sculpture | Premium Wood Handmade Wall Sculpture

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Crafted by artdesigna designers
**Each creation is unique because of handwork and may slightly vary from the original photo.
Handmade product - processing time 5-10 business days!
High-quality pine wood
this wonderful rustic wooden wall decor is made of pine wood. After the small cubes were cut, burnt, and sanded by hand, they were painted one by one with wood paint. This form of painting enhances the beauty of the tree and protects the wood very well. After all, the parts are painted and dried, they have glued onto a wooden surface again.
Vivid and natural colors
sizes & weight
55" (w) x 55" (h) - 80 lbs
47" (w) x 47" (h) - 59 lbs
40" (w) x 40" (h) (xl) - 43 lbs
32" (w) x 32" (h) (l) - 28 lbs
24" (w) x 24" (h) (m) - 20 lbs
you can ask for a custom size (
suitable for indoor
the irregular shapes of wood and the unique varieties of patterns are also excellent opportunities to take a moment to relax and contemplate the artwork of nature.
Each piece has a mounting kit attached to the backside. It is very easy to mount. In addition, thanks to the special hanging apparatus on the back of our products, you can hang them both vertically and horizontally.
Please allow us 5-10 days for production and 2-5 days for shipping.

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